Even the most intelligent and talented teams can struggle with communication and collaboration. So how do you equip your staff with healthy habits and tools that actually work? We guide teams through a paradigm shift, helping to change behavior from the ground up.

Recent research has shown that companies lose $500 billion annually due to disengaged teams. In fact, the number one cause of professional derailment is lack of Emotional Intelligence. Bringing your team together to align communication styles and build trust not only has a massive impact on your bottom line, but on your team's overall success and happiness.

Our Workshops

We offer three different workshops that focus on Emotional Intelligence growth, trust development and team building for groups of all sizes.

Organizations each have their own personalities, so we know that management solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We use a variety of tools that offer tailor-made solutions for each unique team; paramount among these is our Identity Mapping assessment. In combination with decades of experience and expert facilitation, we make short order of pesky management problems and produce thriving, healthy organizations.

Communicating and Collaborating for Results

You have a fantastic team but even the most intelligent and talented of individuals can struggle with communication. So how do you equip your staff with healthy communication tools? We guide teams through a communication paradigm shift, helping to change behavior from the ground up toward healthy communication that sticks. This session helps even the most personality-diverse groups effectively collaborate on any project.

As a result of this program, participants are able to better communicate and strategize with their teams, increasing their productivity and success.

Core Focus

  • Communicating effectively to different personalities
  • Reducing stress, confusion, and chaos
  • Developing global listening skills
  • Improving self behavioral management


  • Improving poor or nonexistent communication
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Creating healthy channels for information dissemination
  • Reducing tension and anxiety

Communicating and Collaborating for Results is a one day workshop.

As a result of this program, participants are able to better communicate and strategize with their teams, increasing their productivity and success.

Making Crucial Connections

Office politics, drama, and lack of relationships can create a toxic environment in which teams have trouble being productive and feeling valued. Team rapport is integral to creating a satisfied, engaged workforce—unfortunately, that doesn't mean it comes easily. In Crucial Connections, we work through activities and EQ training that help groups form the bonds needed to work effectively together, building a healthier workforce.

As a result of this program, participants are able to better empathize with their teammates and develop strong interpersonal skills, improving engagement and efficacy.

Core Focus

  • Building stronger relationships and teams
  • Recognizing the needs of different personalities
  • Identifying our own biases against other personalities
  • Appealing to others effectively


  • Increasing empathy and tolerance for colleagues
  • Developing stronger interpersonal skills
  • Eliminating toxic habits and culture
  • Increasing engagement and happiness

Making Crucial Connections is a one day workshop.

As a result of this program, participants are able to better empathize with their teammates and develop strong interpersonal skills, improving engagement and efficacy.

The Emotionally Intelligent Office

Our most comprehensive workshop, the Emotionally Intelligent Office delves into all of our modules, equipping participants with the skills needed to maximize their influence and potential. Over the course of the workshop, major concepts including emotional intelligence, trust development, and effective leadership are broken down into actionable processes for everyday use. This two-day workshop combines the content from Communicating and Collaborating for Results with Crucial Connections, and adds bonus material not included in any other training course.

Core Focus

  • Increasing emotional intelligence across the board
  • Developing strategic thinking and vision planning skills
  • Managing for different personalities
  • Creating systems and processes based in EQ


  • Developing stronger teams and processes
  • Improving inward and outward relationship management
  • Removing unhealthy habits at the root of toxic culture
  • Increasing efficiency and efficacy of workplace systems

The Emotionally Intelligent Office is a two day workshop.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to revolutionize their self-management and relationship-management skills, creating processes for handling common workplace stressors and improving their performance at all levels.

Emergent's HeadWay Program™

In addition, we offer a six month leadership development program. Companies whose leadership actively utilize emotional intelligence (EQ) report 34% more profitability than those who don't. Emergent's HeadWay Program™ is designed to maximize the performance of leaders through our combination of learning, practice, and coaching. This, coupled with our cohort model and individual coaching, sets HeadWay™ apart from other coaching programs.

HeadWay™ is a six month leadership development program. Each month the cohort meets for a day of training, coaching and discussion helping build skills and knowledge as leaders. Additionally, each member of the cohort gets one coaching session per month, assisting them in their growth and struggles and supporting the practical application of new skills. The first four modules cover our core material; the remaining two modules are chosen by the cohort off our elective menu.

No two organizations are alike; our program formula allows for structure, yet flexibility, in meeting your organization's current and changing needs. We encourage commitment with content and connection that is relevant, enjoyable and readily applicable.

The Experts

Emergent prides itself in attracting exceptional coaches and facilitators, whose experience and backgrounds ensure our clients maximize their benefit and growth in the program. Emergent coaches and facilitators are successful business leaders in both industry and government and specialize in executive leadership, change management, M&A, organizational development, organizational psychology, cultural anthropology and generational differences. Our core strength is our ability to design one-of-a-kind experiential programs that breathe new energy into organizations and produce the desired results. The entire Emergent team has a well-earned reputation for innovation, creativity and reliability. Above all, we believe in servant leadership both in business and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our workshops hones emotional intelligence skills and focuses on solving different problems common to large organizations. If you have any questions about which workshop is the best fit for you, you can book a free 30-min consultation to discuss your needs by emailing

If you're interested in booking with us, contact us at or fill out the form below to get a custom estimate for your event. We charge our price on a per person basis.

Emergent is based in the Washington D.C. and Huntsville, AL areas and we are also experienced in remote learning and communication. We are always happy to support clients, no matter where in the world they are located.

We are always happy to accommodate our clients and do our best to book a specific facilitator when requested. If your preferred facilitator is unavailable, we will find an available staff member to work with you instead. Each of our facilitators is an expert in their field with excellent reviews from previous clients, and we're sure you'll love them too!

We ask for a minimum of four-weeks advance notice for booking purposes. Because our facilitators are often scheduled months in advance, we need time to make sure one is available for your dates. We encourage our clients to get in touch with dates as soon as they're able.

Yes! Sometimes we'll work with teams who have administrative items they want included in the schedule or specific times we have to work around. This is an easy accommodation! We are also flexible if you want us to include extra material in a certain section or don't need as much time spent on a different section of our workbook.

Previous Clients

Include but are not limited to: KPMG, DHS, DoD, Navy Federal Credit Union, Vistage, Mindshare, World Resources Institute, Commodities Futures Exchange Commission, LivingSocial, 3Pillar Global, Corcentric, Florida Hospital System, Clearsight Advisors, Parks Automotive Group.

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