Change Management

Since our formation in 2010, Emergent has helped hundreds of organizations around the world with their change initiatives. From acquisitions, mergers, new leadership, branch openings and product launches to rebranding and rapid growth, we've covered it all. If you're going through accelerated or complex change, we've got your back. We offer a variety of services to cover the needs of every organization, including executive consultations, coaching, team workshops and more.

Going through change? Here are a few reasons you should consider change management:

1. Expedited Progress & Results

The top two causes of failed change are misaligned expectations and underestimation of complexity; we step in and give an unbiased, in-depth analysis of what your company needs to avoid these set-backs, as well as any unique hurdles you face. With this knowledge, and our specialized toolkit of solutions, you are able to make change happen quickly and successfully.

2. Increased Levels of Trust

Trust us when we tell you, trust is the secret sauce to your success (excuse the pun). Trust that pushes an ordinary team into the realm of the extraordinary. Increased levels of trust produce happier, more efficient workers, which results in higher rates of productivity, sales, and overall success.

3. Improved Office Culture

Politics, gossip, exhaustion, and burn-out are a no-go for workplace success. We've all been there; frustrated by our coworkers, our staff, or our lack of progress. But what if we could help you eliminate those setbacks? (Hint: we can). We take pride in helping organizations remove toxic behavior in exchange for balanced, healthy office culture that sticks.

Emergent has the tools and resources to make your change effort a success. Organizations each have their own personalities, so we know that management solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We use a variety of tools that offer tailor-made solutions to each unique change initiative. Paramount among these tools is our exclusive Change Velocity™ formula and Identity Mapping assessment. In combination, they make short order of pesky management problems and produce thriving, healthy organizations. The best part? The results are long-term (and your staff's appreciation will be, too!).

Change Velocity

The difference is in our exclusive Change Velocity™ formula. Trust is the ability to make a connection when a person has yet to prove accountability. Many organizations believe that trust is something embedded in their values and that it comes over an extended period of time; most often from the top down. In other words, if executives are trustworthy and trusting, then the organization has a higher level of trust. Yet there is another way to build trust quickly, and in the very first encounter: what we call Change Velocity™. Change Velocity™ is our exclusive formula, used to measure an organization's rate and speed of change. A low trust velocity will result in slowed growth, minimized progress and low levels of trust. Through our trust-building program, we are able to increase the change velocity of an organization, which increases their overall success inside and outside the company.




Successful change management is grounded in trust. Because risk is a natural part of change, change initiatives in organizations that are not trust-based are typically packed with struggle and conflict. While some organizations do work through this, it takes a much longer time than it would have if trust had been built into the organizational DNA. Emergent's expertise is in creating trust-driven organizations in which the rate of change, growth and impact are radically increased, allowing for rapid goal achievement, innovation and breakthrough on the individual, team, leadership and entity levels. This is no gimmick or sleazy sales pitch: Change Velocity™ simply works, and we want you to experience it for yourself!

Change can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Systemic change doesn't have to be your white whale. Cultural values, tradition, and routine can be difficult to surmount, but we know it can be done. Not only is it possible, it is possible for you. With our skilled team of coaches and consultants and our specialized toolkit, we'll work with you to tackle any change. We pride ourselves on producing fast, effective change and flourishing organizations. So if you're struggling with major change, don't torture yourself any longer: get in touch, and see what Emergent can do for you.

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