We hear it all the time: "If we just had time to spend a day together, we could take care of so many issues!". Executives are often hard pressed to find spare hours in the day for their own tasks, let alone to arrange time with their leadership to hammer out major projects. The catch is that most businesses find their highest level of success from those very meetings, difficult as they may be to arrange and administer.

At Emergent, we are passionate about helping organizations reach their highest potential through vision alignment, culture development and change management. Our facilitation services jump-start group discussion and change efforts and clarify the needs of the organization.  Our expert facilitators allow you to focus on the outcomes of the session rather than its management, relieving any potential conflicts of interest.

Perhaps the biggest reason to consider our expert facilitation is the objectivity it brings to your meetings. Emergent facilitators are unbiased experts, able to adeptly manage the room and keep the conversation moving forward. Disagreement and general disengagement are easily handled, preventing the overarching goals of the group from becoming derailed. Emergent's facilitators are experienced business leaders with a wide range of industry savvy and ability to connect positively with clients, allowing them to successfully guide teams to their destination.

Our Process

Organizations each have their own personalities, so we recognize that facilitation solutions should not be one-size-fits-all. We have a standard three-step process by which we lay the groundwork for our more tailored services:

Our innovative and flexible approach to solutions has supported those in organizations looking for better ways to get results, take their teams to the next level and create working environments and conditions where employees operate consistently at the highest level. Emergent is proud of the trust we have built with clients and believe our exceptional past performance ratings from both private and public sector clients demonstrates our abilities and enthusiasm.

Benefits of Facilitation

In addition to experiencing organizational goal alignment and improved morale, our clients also discover the following benefits:

  • Clarification and prioritization of goals

  • Focused and quality group discussion

  • Renewed motivation and excitement

  • Minimized friction and conflict

  • Facilitated prompts and exercises

  • Expedited change efforts

  • Tools and templates for future application

  • Accountability during and after meeting

  • Personalized after-action report

  • Efficient use of limited time

The Experts

Emergent prides itself in attracting exceptional coaches and facilitators, whose experience and backgrounds ensure our clients maximize their benefit and growth. Emergent coaches and facilitators are successful business leaders in both industry and government and specialize in executive leadership, change management, M&A, organizational development, organizational psychology, cultural anthropology and generational differences. Our core strength is our ability to design one-of-a-kind experiential programs that breathe new energy into organizations and produce the desired results. The entire Emergent team has a well-earned reputation for innovation, creativity and reliability. Above all, we believe in servant leadership both in business and community. 

Previous Clients

Include but are not limited to: KPMG, DHS, DoD, Navy Federal Credit Union, Vistage, Mindshare, World Resources Institute, Commodities Futures Exchange Commission, LivingSocial, 3Pillar Global, Corcentric, Florida Hospital System, Clearsight Advisors.

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