Here is What I Need:

We lead strategic change with facilitation services tailored to jump-start discussions and dramatically increase productivity. Our approach relieves the conflict of interest challenge that many internally facilitated sessions face, using creative and critical thinking techniques for optimal results.

Emergent's executive consulting services are designed to maximize the performance of leaders through our combination of learning, practice and coaching. We offer both short and long term coaching solutions for individual leaders and leadership groups.

Whether you're struggling to make it through a major change or you're prepping for upcoming change, we can help. We'll step in, giving unbiased, in-depth analyses of what your organization needs and the steps to make it happen. From acquisitions and mergers, new leadership, branch openings, product launches, high turnover, and more, we've covered it all.

Whether your team is already awesome and just wants to take things to another level, or struggles from a toxic culture, we can help. We offer a number of workshops aimed at helping build trust and improve communication in teams, as well as facilitation services for team meetings.

A leader's behavior can account for as much as 40-50% of an organization's success. We work with both new and transitioning leaders to improve their emotional intelligence and communication skills, increasing their positive impact on their team and company, ensuring they are ready to be leaders worth following.

Here is What's Happening... Help Me Choose:

We work with new leaders to ensure relationships and trust are fostered quickly amongst team peers and executive leadership. We employ a combination of leadership development training and executive coaching to generate the best results, tailoring our solutions to the needs of your organization.

Our structured change management methodology coupled with focused trust building allows our consultants to help lead change efforts across the finish line. We are able to establish goal achievement at a faster rate by applying unique tools including visioning techniques and graphic game plans.

Perhaps the number one reason organizations hire professional facilitators is the objectivity and unbiased perspective they bring. Our professional facilitators help your organization prepare for critical meetings and events by clarifying your vision, identifying key issues, exploring relevant scenarios, making strategic decisions and setting the stage for effective execution of plans.

Changes in organizational structure through mergers, acquisitions or change of strategy can have a huge impact on performance. Emergent's organizational transformation experts work with leaders to design a plan for a new working environment that will ensure high performance and rapid results, creating real progress.

Communication can make or break an organization. We work with individuals and teams to improve communication, helping overcome the issues at the root. From workshops to leadership coaching, we offer a variety of services that promote healthy, engaged communication practices.

If the idea that your organization "rocks but wants to be even better" resonates with you, it's likely you have a big vision and that you understand the role and value of continued learning. Let's connect and explore the opportunity to partner together to support your organization's even bigger game!