Meet Our Partners

Evolve has stood on the summit of Mount Everest, pioneered human flight and facilitated workshops for over 17 years. Emergent and Evolve partner to bring unique insights from the adventure and business worlds and combine them with an engaging approach to deliver inspirational results.  As the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest at 21 and the third youngest in the world to complete the Seven Summits, Rex Pemberton, CEO of Evolve, is one of few people in the world to reach the peak of their sport in multiple disciplines, not just one. He holds multiple world records across a wide platform of extreme sports, from mountain climbing to base jumping and wingsuit flying.

Created in September 2020 by Tim Wenzel and Lee Oughton and quickly adopted as a strategic initiative by Getting Security Done, #TheKindnessGames (TKG) was started as a way to counter the disruption, hate, and discontent that has engulfed our world during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the ensuing spike of racial tensions and civil unrest. They aim to heal relationships and communities through targeted kindness.

Emergent is proud to be a part of TKG journey and partner with them in their mission, spreading kindness in every way, every day.

Personality Resources International ("PRI"), an international team of human performance specialists who optimize the strengths of diverse personality types within organizations using innovative solutions, applications, and workshops.  Emergent partners with PRI to conduct productive group dynamics with an innovative and patented "Identity Mapping™" application and "The Four Ways System™". Enabling people to manage complex change through an ability to communicate and relate to everyone through a "self-discovery" process that, in turn, will help them understand others.

Margie is an author, keynote speaker, media commentator, certified coach, podcast host, Forbes columnist, board member, women's advocate, and leadership facilitator.  Emergent is partnering with Margie to host an amazing weekend for women to Live Brave and Thrive.  This exclusive event will be held in Leesburg VA in April 22-24, 2022.  Click here to learn more: