About Us

Emergent Performance Solutions creates trust-driven organizations in which the rate of change, growth and impact are radically increased. This allows for rapid goal achievement, innovation and breakthrough on the individual, team and entity levels. Our workforce transformation consultants, workshops and coaching sessions introduce new and advanced concepts to change management revolving around emotional intelligence to organizations of any size.

Our company was founded in 2010 by CEO Jennifer Stanford, a sought-after trust coach and human capital and change management expert with 25 years of experience in high-level consulting. Since then our team has grown to include experts from many different backgrounds.

Emergent prides itself in attracting exceptional people, whose experience and backgrounds ensure our clients maximize their benefit and growth. Emergent consultants, coaches and facilitators are successful business leaders in both industry and government and specialize in executive leadership, change management, M&A, organizational development, organizational psychology, cultural anthropology and generational differences. The entire Emergent team has a well-earned reputation for innovation, creativity and reliability. Above all, we believe in servant leadership both in business and community.

Emergent clients are often the conduit through which people, communities and even countries become remarkable and extraordinary contributors to the next phase of human development. The proof is in the impact our clients are having – and you can learn more about them here.

What We Stand For

We believe that all those within an organization should have the opportunity to appreciate each other more, discover new and improved ways of working together and positively impact their community and the greater world through that work.

We believe that misalignment of expectations is the biggest driver in failed programs, and we have proven that learning to communicate in a way that connects people to each other exponentially improves the chance of success.

We hold ourselves to delivering exceptional and lasting value so that organizations experience continued benefit long after we're gone.

We stand for positive relationships, communication and collaboration with our clients, employees, partners, families and communities, and this is what drives us in fulfilling our defined purpose: Building trust-driven organizations capable of rapid change. We're ready to talk when you are – so let's make change together.