What We Stand For

We believe that all those within an organization should have the opportunity to appreciate each other more, discover new and improved ways of working together and positively impact themselves and the greater world through that work. We believe that misalignment of expectations is the biggest driver in failed programs, and we have proven that learning to communicate in a way that connects people to each other and that draws out expectations exponentially improves the chance of success. We hold ourselves to delivering exceptional and lasting value so that organizations experience continued benefit long after we're gone. We stand for positive relationships, communication and collaboration with our clients, employees, partners, families and communities, and this is what drives us in fulfilling our defined purpose: Building Trust-Driven Organizations Capable of Rapid Change

What does it mean to be Emergent?

Emergent means coming into being and, in particular, becoming outstanding, remarkable. At the core of that process is the need to create rapid change, innovation, breakthrough and growth. The required speed to achieve these things and do them well is best achieved by creating unprecedented levels of trust. This trust results in 4 conditions that truly define an emergent organization performing at maximum potential:

Condition #1: Trust is Evident Everywhere

Employees demonstrate a belief in leadership, high-trust relationships reduce perception of risk, there's significant delegation and clear accountability, and practice of servant leadership.

Condition #2: Alignment is Actualized

Employees are aligned with the organization's vision and strategy, the organization uses a cascading goals process to ensure alignment at every level, there's personal and team understanding of each individual's part in vision attainment.

Condition #3: Processes Support People

The organization operates like a well-oiled machine, processes and systems are smart, effective and non-bureaucratic; there are many opportunities to learn and grow, and the organization has defined career tracks, conscious and careful on-boarding and invests in the development of leaders.

Condition #4: Clarity Creates Cohesion

The organization knows what success looks like, performance objectives are clear, rewards and recognition match the 4 ways of the employees, there is understanding of what it takes to get to the next level for both the individual and the team and leaders coach and uplift.

Simply put, we believe that Trust is the most basic and most elaborate requirement for success.