Parks Automotive Group

Integrating post-acquisition leadership teams to help Parks Automotive Group lead the automotive market.

Challenge: Parks Automotive Group is experiencing rapid growth organically and through acquisitions. Integrating and continuing to foster a culture of excellence is critical for their leadership team. Their biggest challenge is maintaining an environment of respect, cohesion, self-awareness, and mutual appreciation of all team members to enhance working relationships and increase productivity in operations and sales.

Collaboration: Emergent conducted a pre-workshop assessment of the leadership team, compiling and analyzing the data, to create a learning experience that was tailored to their unique needs and goals. Participants discovered their Identity Map using the Four-Way System to improve ways of interacting, effectively communicating with those who differ and building stronger, more effective teams. Breakout sessions and activities helped provide practical skills and tools to be used in their daily interactions with one another, other team members and clients.

Impact: These workshops set the baseline for better communication and collaboration with newly integrated regional offices. Parks Automotive Group has continued to set and achieve growth targets as a team, leveraging the tools and skills provided in the workshops.

Worth every minute and every dollar spent. Will help me tremendously in my working relationships and communicating with others.

Very important and very useful.