Florida Hospital

Guiding nurses and staff in designing and executing a patient experience that builds trust, creates belonging and delivers hope.

Challenge: The patient experience team needed to learn best practices from the field of coaching in order to work with nurses and staff to execute patient experience strategies and create an environment around the hospital's mission of Building Trust, Creating Belonging and Delivering Hope.

Collaboration: Emergent's Jennifer Stanford was selected by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to deliver the association's Coaching Certificate Program. The program taught critical skills using tailored case studies that made the materials relevant and more easily applicable.

Impact: At the conclusion of the program, Florida Hospital's care team participants reported increased confidence and knowledge and were able to incorporate coaching techniques that would ensure the success of their patient experience strategies. The new information and practical experience they gained empowered nurses and care team staff to maintain a working environment that engendered hospitality and maximized patient care.

Florida Hospital's mission has remained a constant—to extend the healing ministry of Christ. They focus on whole person health—achieving wellness of the mind, body and spirit for patients.

Jennifer was knowledgeable, engaging and interactive with her delivery of the Coaching Certificate Program. The team was drawn to her expertise and experienced manner of presentation. The scenarios where relevant to the day-to-day situations and made it easy for the team to assimilate the learning and techniques. We appreciate the value this workshop added to the team's work experience and development. Thank You for taking the time to customize the workshop to our workflow needs!