Department of Defense (DoD)

Ensuring the Department of Defense attracts, develops and retains the best and brightest employees to maintain the scientific and technological superiority of the U.S.

Challenge: The DoD engineering and technical management employees have the incredibly important mission of ensuring the U.S. maintains it's scientific, technological and engineering superiority while also making sure they provide warfighters the very best products and solutions. In an ever-changing global environment, the DoD must continue to compete and position itself as an employer of choice in order to attract and retain the best and brightest talent for this mission.

Collaboration: Emergent provides senior workforce and policy and guidance support, competency development and executive facilitation to the DoD and the Defense agencies. Our collaboration ensures policy and guidance align to workforce strategies to meet mission needs. Through industry insights, best practices and learning solutions, we help lead successful transformation efforts in DoD.

Impact: Emergent's facilitation, support of change initiatives, reports and studies provide information that has a significant and important impact on decisions made by the DoD regarding their workforce. The DoD as well as the Defense agencies have improved their employee engagement and global satisfaction ratings in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, placing them above the federal government average.

Department of Defense: Ensuring the Department of Defense attracts and retains the best and brightest engineers to maintain the technological superiority of the U.S.