Helping Corcentric create a unified vision, align leaders and take bold steps to achieve the next level of growth.

Challenge: Corcentric was at a critical juncture in their business. As the organization continued to grow, determining and aligning the vision with the efforts of the leadership was essential for achieving the next stage. In particular, new management team leaders needed to sync with the existing leaders and take bold steps to ensure strategic goals were met, take the organization to the next level, remain relevant to their market and avoid becoming so comfortable with their current success that progress stalled.

Collaboration: Emergent facilitated an executive offsite that included an opportunity for the senior leaders to build and grow trust with each other, as well as create a vision and concrete game plan to move the business forward.

Impact: The team's feedback underlined the impact that the trust-growing portion of the offsite had on their ability to come together as leaders to create a unified vision and definitive action plans.

Corcentric revolutionizes Purchasing AP and AR with automated processes and channel finance. This gives companies of all sizes a way to grow revenue without growing overhead.

Thanks again for a tremendously productive offsite! It was excellent from beginning to end. It resulted in a truly tangible vision and roadmap for achieving that vision, which is fantastic. You did a fantastic job bringing the entire team together with a united vision – which for us is something we have been working on for many, many years! This could not have happened at a better time.