Clearsight Advisors

Preparing Clearsight Advisors for a more powerful and productive strategic session planning through increased trust and collaboration.

Challenge: Clearsight Advisors had grown exponentially since 2011. They had clear goals from their CEO to attract and retain talent, win new business, execute on deals and become the leading boutique firm in their category. To get there, they needed increased camaraderie and appreciation among team members, as well as increased trust, communication and collaboration. Additionally, the team needed to take actions that would support the company's delivery of exceptional client service and make it a great place to work.

Collaboration: Emergent designed a two-day executive retreat that included our Communicating and Collaborating for Trust and Impact program, followed by a strategic planning session led by one of our certified facilitators.

Impact: While several of Clearsight's leaders were initially uncertain about adding the trust-building component to an already packed strategic planning agenda, upon completion of the offsite the team had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the decision to include it prior to the strategic visioning portion of the retreat. Clearsight walked away from the retreat in sync and in possession of actionable game plans for achieving their desired goals, stating that the inclusion of the trust-building segment "changed the playing field when it came to creating [their] vision and strategic plans for the upcoming year."

Clearsight Advisors is a world-class investment banking firm exclusively focused on high growth business services and technology companies.

Some of the leaders were a little reluctant that the plans for the offsite could truly be achieved; they felt the agenda was aggressive and the group dynamics would not allow the type of movement we had planned. However, Emergent's focus on Trust and building of relationships grounded on appreciation of language changed the playing field when it came to creating our vision and strategic plans for the upcoming year. We not only bonded and aligned as a leadership team, we created exciting bold steps and action plans to help us achieve our growth goals.