Diversity Posture ™: 7 Questions for Your C-Suite

In our introduction to the Diversity Posture series, we shared that each company should have a Diversity Posture, which is the active part of your business DNA that's expressed externally. In other words, it's how your business intentionally portrays its attitude, belief system, associated practices and demonstrated values as well as how it operates in […]

Diversity Posture™: An Introduction

Diversity in the workplace is not a trend or an elective. It is an intrinsic part of a company's DNA and their path to financial, employee and cultural success. In the current 2020 landscape, it's also an expected and very public part of business. According to the Harvard Business Journal, "understanding your company's DNA can […]

The Power In Sorry

One thing we all have in common is that we are all affected in some way by COVID.  For some we are finding renewed passion for hobbies set aside, projects we hoped to accomplish or more time for self-improvement.  Others have it much more difficult.  Our transition to a mostly online life for work, social […]

How to Have Trust-Building Conversations

It's been an animated political season, to put it mildly. As someone who lives in the D.C. area, I can attest that there are not many evenings during which we don't get a call from a zealous campaign volunteer asking to discuss the position of their candidate with my husband or me. Do they practice talking for two straight minutes without coming up for air? Because rarely do I hang up the phone feeling like I was a part of a discussion…

How to Give High Quality Feedback

Feedback can be the difference between poor performance and achieving excellence. Recent research shows that 4/10 staff are actively disengaged if they receive no, or poor, feedback from their management. Additionally, 65% of employees report wanting more feedback than what they currently receive…

One Little Word: Our Inspiration for 2020

For years, I've been bumping into blog posts where people share their word for the year. It always intrigued me, but I could never figure out how someone could pick one word, one little word, and build an entire year around it. Then last year, while working on strategic plans for Emergent, I uncovered my word…

How to Thank Your Employees in Meaningful Ways

Taking a few moments to let our employees know that they are appreciated and that we are grateful for their contributions to our team is vital to keeping morale high and office culture healthy. It's also important that we take the time to understand each contributor on our team and express our thanks in a way that they will not only value, but will leave them inspired and energized in their work…