3Pillar Global

Unifying leadership to help 3Pillar transition from small business to global force.

Challenge: 3Pillar was transitioning from a smaller business to a global force in the software development space. As part of their transition, several new leaders were added to the executive team. Normalizing as a unified presence and setting the strategy for managing talent across the globe was a top priority for this new team.

Collaboration: Emergent designed a series of trust-building workshops that started with the executive team and worked through the global offices. These workshops set the baseline for better communication and collaboration with newly integrated global offices and staff. After fundamental trust was built into the core of the organization, Emergent was then able to successfully support the overhaul of the pay bands, career paths and training programs to develop leaders.

Impact: 3Pillar Global's high-trust and high-performance work environment allowed them to move into new markets, increase service offerings and develop a robust and capable workforce that achieved the "Best Place to Work" award from the Washington Post two years in a row.

3Pillar Global harnesses purposeful engineering to help businesses build software that drives revenue and delivers seamless customer experiences.

The Identity Mapping framework and Jen's coaching around it, has helped us to build a healthy, and truly high performing, team. It's amazing how simple insights about our teammates personalities help us to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Bottom line for us we were able to execute/move more quickly, empower the team more fully and create more leverage, manage to folks strengths in order to ensure success and remove office politics.