The Best Planners to Organize Your Business in 2019

As the end of the year creeps up, many of us are thinking about our new year's resolutions for 2019. As a creative (read: disorganized) person, one of my top resolutions for the upcoming year is to get my mental and physical workload organized. And what better way to do that than with an awesome planner?

I've tried dozens of planners over the years, and though I've found several I like, they don't all make the cut. I need my planner to have a clear calendar, room for notes, and sections for a to-do list. Other features are just a bonus (though don't come at me with too much – I need to be organized, not overwhelmed). With these requirements in mind, I've rounded up several of my favorites specifically for business, below. Each of these planners meets all the needs of daily and monthly scheduling and has interesting design elements, but are not so frilly or overworked so as to render them inconvenient.

For the Minimalist: Mochithings Slim & Wide Planner

This planner is clean and professional, but with enough detail to keep your information clearly catalogued. We love this planner for its sleek design and large (but flexible) size. It's great for keeping notes and keeping a schedule, and is particularly useful for bullet-journaling fans. Each page has a simple, clean design which allows plenty of space for note-taking. 

For the Overworked: Full Focus Planner

Have trouble not taking work home with you? Spend your weekends at the office? The Full Focus planner is perfect for you. Our staff has been using the Full Focus planner in 2018, and we've all gotten better at our time management as a result. Some of the highlights are a business week and weekend planner, daily inspirational quotes, and a "Big Three" section which helps you determine your three most important tasks for each day and week.

For the Visionary: Passion Planner

If your resolutions list is longer than your grocery list, then this planner is right for you. Designed for daily and long-term goal achievement, this planner breaks down your passions into bite-size goals for long-term commitment. This planner is great for those whose work and personal lives bleed into together, and for those who enthusiastically pursue new projects at a dizzying rate. 

For the Creative: Paper Source Custom Planner

These planners are chock-full of style and can be customized with your name or monogram on the cover. With over 100 cover designs to choose from, there's an attractive planner for any aesthetic preference. The body of the planners are the same, but still a practical run-down of a monthly and weekly calendar. Each planner also contains two pockets at the back for loose-leaf papers, as well as a sheet of schedule-related stickers. The spiral binding also makes for a sturdy body and portable writing.

For the Organization-Obsessed:
Best Self Co. Planner

If you're the kind of person who likes to track your steps, create weekly meal plans, and schedule your day down to the minute, then look no further. This planner is built for a thorough daily schedule in addition to reaching goals and checking off to-do lists. We like this planner both because of its clear sections and also for its modern style. 

This post is not sponsored; we just love sharing the products we love!  

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